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Attendees of Rising Star will often hear us encouraging a "body-to-body" approach to going to the basket. This applies to all one-on-one moves, including ballhandling and off the catch. You are trying to get an advantage with your first step to the hoop. In the picture above, Celtics guard Kyrie Irving demonstrates the exact way to maximize your effectiveness going to the basket.

-- Put your shoulder as close to the defender's hip as possible.

-- This puts you in a direct line to the basket.

-- By putting the defender on your side it allows for a clear window (opening) to score of draw the defense and pass to an open teammate.

-- It gives your body momentum going forward and on balance.

-- The vast majority of high school and college players avoid the contact and go around the defender. This gives the defense room to recover and eliminates any advantage of a good initial move. By going around the defender the offensive player often will be off-balance, resulting in a missed shot or layup.